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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Target shopping Trip today ~ Paid $0.84 cents Saved $28.16 (actually I saved more …details are below!!)

I am loving Target this week!!!  Here’s what I bought today for under $1.00!!!!!




blog pic's 014

8 Honey Nut Cheerios $1.00 each

FREE after this $1.00 coupon here



15 GE Energy Smart Light Bulbs $1.00 this week

(our local Target was sold out of the $1.00 bulbs, so the manager was nice enough to give us the bulbs that cost $5.49 for $1.00)


so after this coupon ($1.00 off GE Bulb) the light bulbs were FREE!



6 Motts Applesauce $1.69 each

used $1.00 Target coupon here

+ $0.55 coupon here

TOTAL $0.14 EACH (OR $0.84 FOR 6!!)


So I was able to get all this for $0.84 cents!!!!  

~~~~Even the Dollar store would charge you more money for all of that!! Coupons can truly save you a lot of money!!!!~~~~

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