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Wednesday, March 4, 2009



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I just went to Walgreen’s to verify this is true & it is!!!  YAY!!!!

I purchased 6 Dove deodorants (Trial Size) $1.29 a piece

-used (3) $1.50/2 coupons from 1-18 inserts


I also purchased 2 Dove Beauty bar soaps ( Trial Size) $1.29 a piece

TOTAL $5.82


****Got back $10.00 in Register Rewards!!!!****


If you buy 8 Dove items ( in this case even the trial size items worked) – you get $10.00 back in Register Rewards! 


I found the Trial size Dove soaps in the travel size bins – but the Deodorant I found right next to the Full-Size Deodorants!   (I’m sure this will vary from store to store).


I have heard that some stores have these trial size Dove’s for .99 cents ( making this an even better deal)


So it’s time to stock up on Travel-Size Dove items!!!


I heard this is going on the entire month of March ( but I need to still verify that is true & when I find out I will let you all know too)!!!  

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