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Monday, March 16, 2009

CVS Dry Idea

$2.00 OFF

I have not verified this ~ but it is being said that the CVS Dry Idea deodorant is limit 3 ( not limit 1) as stated in the ad.   When you go to CVS just look at the Sale Price Tag & you can stock up on deodorant if that is true!!  I will go to CVS today or tomorrow & I will verify this & let you all know! But, if you go to CVS in the meantime, just look at the sale sticker in the store & it will say what the limit is!  

Dry Idea Deodorant 2-4oz $2.99

$2/1 coupon (for the Dry Idea Deodorant) here

Pay $0.99

Get Back $2.00 ECB


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