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Sunday, March 29, 2009


It’s a good thing we have a Walgreens nearby, because I went there 3 times today!!!!!!


Here’s what I bought ( I did 5 different transactions)


March 2009 008

SoftSoap Body Wash $3.99

When you purchase this, you get a coupon that prints out for a FREE body wash,  and when I used this coupon another coupon printed out ~ so I only paid for 1 body wash, & I kept getting Free coupons popping out that looked like this:

March 2009 013


(I’m not sure if Walgreens will change this deal later on in the week, but right now it’s a rolling coupon, ~ I paid $3.99 for one and on my 2nd transaction I used this coupon & my 3rd,4th & 5th transactions I used the free coupon that popped out!




March 2009 009

Skintimate Shaving Cream or Edge Shaving Cream ( I heard this is a monthly deal!!!!) price $2.99   ( I had to do 5 separate transactions for this)

When you buy one of these you will get back a $3.00 Register Reward to use on your next transaction. 


**** However, you can’t use that $3.00 RR towards the purchase of another Shaving Cream ( b/c Walgreens has a rule if you use your RR (in this case it’s from Edge/Skintimate Co.) and pay for your purchase using the RR you just received from Skintimate/edge company it will not print you off another one. ( I hope that makes sense …… I found this out the hard way ~ so I wanted to let all of you know so you don't make the same mistake I did!!)


If you don’t have any Register Rewards & you want some ~ you could always purchase the chapstick 1st ( I talked about that in my 1st Walgreens post) for $1.99 & you will get back $2.00 RR & you can use those RR on your Skintimate purchase (making your out of pocket less + you’ll get Chapstick)


~~~ What I did was I used my RR from the Glucerna I bought today& The Chap stick I bought today & Listerine ( from a few weeks ago) - - so now I have a lot of $3.00 RR’s from Skintimate/Edge Co.!  As long as you use a RR form a different company like I used from Glucerna it will print you off a $3.00 Register Reward that looks like this:


March 2009 012

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