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Friday, April 24, 2009

Reminder: to play the Pace & Taco Bell games Daily!

Don’t forget to play the Taco Bell game daily!

Just a reminder ~ you can play this daily ~ I won $25.00 on this!!

go here

They are giving away $25.00 every 5 minutes!!!

Here’s a couple of codes you can use:





Pace Products

If you are an instant winner – you will be able to print out a coupon for a free bottle of pace right away (it’s a $4.00 off coupon & at Target, Meijer & Wal-Mart they are usually $3.00 or less…making them FREE!!)  ( you can print 2 of these coupons if you win) ( just press the browser back button to print a total of two FREE coupons!!)

**Update: it let me print out 10 coupons after I won ( I just kept hittin the browser back button!!!) **

You will need a code

& If you need a code you can use SAL321

~ here’s the link ~ Good luck & let me know if you win!!!!!!

This game runs until 7/31/09 ~ so you have lots of time to play this ~


Good Luck & let me know if you win!!!!!!!



I had to write about Swag Bucks again ~ last time when I wrote about swag bucks ( here is my previous post) I only had 54 Swag Bucks ( & That was just this past Monday 4 days ago & now I already have 74 Swag Bucks(less than a week later & I have gotten 20 more Swag Bucks already !!)  


I use Swag Bucks as my Search Engine ~ & my homepage & whenever I do searches I earn 1-5 swag bucks a day normally!  & it typically rewards me after 1-10 searches (sometimes it does take longer….  it just depends & some days I get nothing) …but it doesn’t take me long to typically earn 1 to 5 swag bucks a day.  & when you refer people you will get even more!


It’s free to sign up – Just click here or


& When you get enough points, you can get a free gift card ( for example to Barnes & Noble, Target, Amazon etc………)!   So I’m hoping by Christmas I will have a few free gift cards to use for my Christmas Shopping!  

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