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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Free swagbuck!!!

1 Free Swag Buck just enter this code:




Here’s my previous post on how to sign up:




I use Swag Bucks as my Search Engine ~ & my homepage & whenever I do searches I earn 1-5 swag bucks a day normally!  & it typically rewards me after 1-10 searches (sometimes it does take longer….  it just depends & some days I get nothing) …but it doesn’t take me long to typically earn 1 to 5 swag bucks a day.  & when you refer people you will get even more!

It’s free to sign up – Just click here or

& When you get enough points, you can get a free gift card ( for example to Barnes & Noble, Target, Amazon etc………)!   So I’m hoping by Christmas I will have a few free gift cards to use for my Christmas Shopping!  

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