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Friday, February 6, 2009


I AM SO EXCITED!!   I went to Meijer's today & I walked away with a BUNCH of free items!!   ( I am sad I just found out about this deal today & not at the beginning of the week)


at Meijer's this week ( the back of their ad states that if you buy 5 Meijer Brand Health & Beauty items – u get $8.00 off your next Meijer's shopping trip – and it also states it has to be priced $2.97 or more ( but for some reason my .99 cent items worked)!! – ( so I am hoping this will work at other Meijer Locations) ~  I know this also worked for someone in Indiana! So I’m thinking it’s possibly a glitch in their system   ….. I was able to get free Milk / Cheese / etc….  here’s how:


I purchased 5 Bottles of Meijer Antibacterial Hand Soap 7.5 FL OZ .99 cents each = $5.00 + Tax ( I got back $8.00 off your next shopping order!)


FEB 2009 MEIJER 001 FEB 2009 MEIJER 003



I purchased 5 Meijer Brand Dental Floss’s (You have to buy the one that’s on sale for $1.00) ( the reg. price for the dental floss was $1.56) – so I paid $5.00 + tax for this

+ I bought 2 Meijer brand Shredded cheeses & I used my $8.00 off your next shopping order from my previous transaction ) – so I paid a total of $0.35 cents  for 5 Dental Floss’ & 2 Shredded cheeses!!!

FEB 2009 MEIJER 007 FEB 2009 MEIJER 008


then I bought 5 Meijer Brand Cotton Rounds ( these were a little pricier at $1.50 each – so I only made $0.50 cents off this transaction -  but I got free cotton rounds ( which i was in need of anyways)  - Meijer does have Cotton Balls for .99 cents ( I wasn’t sure if that would work or not on this deal)


FEB 2009 MEIJER 006


but, I did 3 separate transactions for this & I will for sure make a couple more trips to Meijer!    I’m not exactly sure what items will work, All I can say is the items I purchased will work ~ & it’s a good way to score some free milk / cheese etc…….!!!!!!!!


~~ Have FUN! ~~   :)

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