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Thursday, July 16, 2009

How I keep my Printer / Paper costs down



I know that Printing coupons can get Reallly expensive, This is a step-by-step way that I keep my cost of Ink & Paper down.


Getting Ink Cheap:


# 1 – join Swag bucks here


Once you join, you can use this as a search engine ( just like you use Google or Yahoo) & usually once a day I will get 1-5 swagbucks


& when you receive 45 swagbucks, you can turn the swagbucks into an gift card. 


#2 – Once your swagbucks account has 45 points, you can get a $5.00 gift card (this typically takes me a month to accumulate 45 points.


#3 – Just go to and use your swagbuck gift card(s) to purchase your ink!! offers a lot of items with free shipping!!


Next Step – Getting paper Cheap


#1 – go to Staples & get thier Staples Reward card ( it’s free to get)


#2 – Bring in your old Ink or Toner & Recycle it at Staples – you will get $3.00 for doing that.  Here’s how that works:

Ink Recycling

You can recycle ANY ink cartridge - no matter which brand! This includes Brother®, Epson® and Canon ink or toner cartridges, up to 10 per calendar month per customer and receive $3 back in Staples Rewards per cartridge. Limit one Staples Rewards account per address. We will recycle additional cartridges but rewards will only be issued for 10 per calendar month per customer. Your ink recycling reward will arrive each month, separately from your standard Staples Rewards statement.


#3 – Wait for the paper at Staples to go on Sale – for example, this week the paper is $3.69, but you get a $3.68 rebate back, making the paper $0.01 cents!!! 


The Limit is 2, so for 2 papers (after rebate) will cost your $0.02 Cents!!! 


I did this staples paper rebate about a month ago, and they sent me a check in about 2-3 weeks after I submitted the rebate & I did all the rebate stuff on-line, making it Very Easy!!  


I see the Staples deals for this week have ended (they ended yesterday) – but It seems like they run this 1 cent paper deal once a month – so next time this goes on sale – it’s a great way to save money printing!


I hope this blog entry can reduce your Ink & Paper costs!!!!

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