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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Host a Sargento Finishers Start to Finish House Party





House Party is a great program!!! You sign you to "host" a theme party for your friends and family. You supply the people they supply all the supplies and goodies for your guests. Sign up today as spaces are limited!

Sargento Finishers Start to Finish House Party
There are lots of easy creative ideas that will keep a party going great from start-to-finish. On March 14th, Sargento Finishers® will be sharing the secrets that'll liven up any evening's entertaining!

And what better way for you and your guests to start off than with Sargento Salad and Potato Finishers. Now anyone can creatively transform ordinary salads and potatoes into exciting taste sensations!

Thanks to the premium ingredients in Sargento Finishers everyone will join in showcasing how fast and easy it is to serve up flavor-filled salads and potatoes with plenty of pizzazz.

To keep the fun going all night long there'll be fabulous food, games, and a FREE party pack loaded with coupons, paper products and plenty of start-to-finish entertaining tips.

Spaces are limited. It's sure to be a start-to-finish smash!

Party Hosts will receive:

  1. Sargento Finishers Coupons for you (VIP) and your guests
  2. Fresh Express® coupons and a bonus gift
  3. Party "to-do" list
  4. Sargento Finishers paper bowls, napkins and forks to make your party sensational
  5. Party Shopping pads
  6. Special Host Gift

Click HERE to apply!

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